a blog? really?

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while. But I worried that I wouldn’t have anything interesting to say. Or that I would have something to say but that no-one would read. But I think I was missing the point. A friend helped me realise that neither of those things matter. As long as what I’m saying means something to me, then its worthwhile.

Initially I used this as a focus for a new project – to document my first trip by bike, to help focus my preparations and the things that needed to be done, highlight some inspiration and provide an output and context for some photos, and maybe for other interesting stuff that cropped up.  After that trip, I carried on posting, albeit intermittently, documenting some short microadventures closer home and longer trips further away.

The blog is now slowly becoming a focus for something bigger. For the last 15 years I’ve worked as an Environmental Consultant in the energy industry. But I want a change, for a while at least. I’ve stopped working, am in the process of packing up my flat, and am about to head off on an open ended mountain bike journey. I’m planning to spend my foreseeable future riding long distance trails, camping in forests and on hills, taking photographs, writing and finding some adventure. Hopefully the story will unfold here…


7 responses to “a blog? really?

    • My god, you mean random people read these things too?! ;-). Thanks. I think my posts have the potential to easily become essays which I’m sure no-one wants, so am having to focus on actually trying to say something rather than just brain dumping everything that has happened in the last few days! Can I ask how you came across this? Just curious as not sure how ‘findable’ these things become…


      • Oh, simple answer: You wrote a few thins on Germany, I wrote a few things on Germany, I searched the tags and voila…your blog appeared on my screen! And I am glad it did, now get some new stuff out there! ;-)


  1. Chris, Nice writing and good adventures! I am overwhelmed by how this online community is broadening everyday. It is great to be able to follow and enjoy other stories and share information. When is you next bicycle trip planned?


    • Thanks Martin. It is amazing how, once you start looking, you find so many people doing similar things. I’m planning something similar to you – a longer term, long distance bike trip. Hopefully leaving a bit later in the Spring. I suppose I’d better start writing about it…!


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